Happy Day

I spent day at outdoors with my best friend. We met at 12 o`clock. First we went to restaurant to eat lunch. We ate chilli chicken steak and carbonara. That foods are very delicious and deep. While we ate foods, we talked about many things. It`s been so long since I have seen her, so there is much to be said on both sides. After we had many times, we changed place. We went to Angel In Us Coffee Shop. In there, we ordered melon smoothie and caramel moca frappe. Because we felt hot, we wanted to drink cool beverage. It was a hot day. Then we ate the beverage, we went to the home. We had so much fun that day. We said good-bye, promising to meet again. Whenever we met, we feel very fun. So we are forever friend.

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I See You

I am seeing my favorite movie star Won Bin. He is listening to music and tasting a cup of coffee in a cafe. Also he is talking about next work with movie director. He is hearing movie story. He looks very pleasureful and happy. Then he is going to go outdoor, he is smoking. He looks chic and lonely. Then he is  driving his car, he is going to go his home. He is entering his home, and he is taking a shower. After he took a shower, he is watching a movie that he is a leading actor. While he is watching a movie, he is sleeping slowly. He looks very peaceful. He is a good movie star because he passes a day pleasantly.

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My Midterm Test Story

I studied department of mass communication harder than my freind.
We went to library. I studied as passionate as a doctor of medicine.
But my friend slept very long time. So I shook my friend to wake her up.
But she didn`t wake up. Then I studied major subject with concentration. Finally, we took a test. Test is very hard. Lastly she got higer grade than I. Oh my god~~~~ㅠ,ㅠ

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My Favorite Music

My favorite music is My Girl.
This music is called by rain.
It is balad and lovely song.
Also this song’s story is that a man singing a song to his lover.
I want to that my boyfriend singing a this song to me.^^
And this song is my cell phone’s ring.
Rain’s sweet voice and this song are well matched.

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Let`s Go

Which three countries would you like to visit for the first time, and why?

First of all, I would like to visit France, because I want to see the Eiffel Tower.
Secondly, I would also like to visit Italy, because I want to eat Italy traditional food.
Finally, I would like to visit America, because I want to go Alaska in America.
So I`m going to see a lot of snow.

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Tuesday, the 29th of March

1) Last weekend, I expected my lunch to be good, because many people like this food, and it was great, because it had a lot of vegetable, pork, and seafood.

2) Yesterday, I expected the quiz to be really easy, but it was not, because I didn`t anwer many questions, well.

3) I have never eaten Nepalese food before, but I heard that it is very delicious and intense flavor, so I expect our class dinner to be good and happy.
I am looking forward to trying some Tandoori Chicken.

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My Sunday

Yesterday, I went to the church in the morning.
In church, I first taught the Doctrine to children.
I was nervous. Because it was first time.
But I`m success. So I was happy.

After that, I came home. Then, I slept until 7 P.M.
After I wake up, I met my friens.
So, we had bowling.
My team won. I was very happy. That was exciting.

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